Jackie Teer – a bit about me!

My name is Jackie Teer and I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, John and my cavoodle, Remy.

I have been creative my entire life but really began my art journey after I had children - starting with water colours. I took classes, but never really produced anything I loved. I, then, dabbled in watercolor pencils, and had a few successes!  

Two years before Covid, I discovered alcohol inks - I was in love! - the simplicity and the “ You never know what you are painting” about these inks, fascinated me! Then, when covid struck, and with my husband stuck overseas, I discovered fluid art - this was something I could do as well!

I am predominantly self-taught but have also taken a few online instruction courses, now, here I am – I really enjoy continually experimenting with the colour palette and refining my technique, which I hope comes out in my portfolio of work.

I will continue to come back to alcohol inks but, at the moment, fluid art is my passion.

I really want other people to enjoy my paintings and have set up on online business under the name – Jaqxartz.  

My art, be it fluid or alcohol, is an invitation to love without hatred or bias. I love the vibrant colours that represent the beauty of the nature of life everywhere we go – I really hope you love them too!


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